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Thank you for visiting my on-line dog and cat bakery shop.  Puppylicious Gourmet, LLC, was founded in December 2016 on a complete whim after a personal life changing event.   After time spent evaluating myself, I decided I needed to begin my new journey doing something that would bring me real joy and happiness, dogs.  And cats, too.  And, baking.    

When deciding what type of items I would bake and sell, a good amount of consideration went into this, while keeping in mind the entire time, that for the past eight years my little Yorkie, Mya, had been diagnosed with diabetes.  While considering the amount of time I spent in stores searching for USA made products, reading package ingredients. and the daily insulin injections she had to endure, that I was determined to make sure I made healthy and natural treats with no sugars or other unnecessary ingredients.  

Because of this, all items are made-to-order, handmade, homemade, and kept as healthy as possible.  This makes it possible for me to make any changes to ingredients per your request, whether it be a grain-free flour or omitted ingredient.  So, while shopping, if you come across an item you would like your dog to try but would like to make a change, please send me a message directly prior to, or once you've placed your order.   Also, if you would like pricing on wholesale or large quantities for birthday parties, etc., please contact me directly. 

All ingredients used are fresh, human-grade consumable.  Please note that it is recommended that the baked items should be stored in cool areas, preferably in the refrigerator up to 10 days, as they have no additional preservatives added.  


Thank you again for visiting, and spoiling your fur-babies with Puppylicious Gourmet treats !  


Joyce Amigo


         RIP Mya  9/11/06 - 8/18/18
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